EuroJet Exhaust

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Looking for a Eurojet Exhaust for you VW? EuroJet manufactures exhaust for your MKIV, MKV & MKVI, Golf, GTI, Jetta and GLI. EuroJet has downpipes, catbacks and turbobacks with the largest power gains and aggressive sound on the market.
When it comes to exhausts, EuroJet is simply the best in the business; EuroJet is the leader. Many have copied their designs. But EuroJet has back it up with better designs, stronger welds and materials, and smarter engineering. Go ahead and compare, we’ll be here when you come back.

Eurojet exhausts are modular—meaning that you can pick and choose which components fit your needs and your budget. No matter what you choose—a downpipe, a catback, or a full turboback—the parts are precisely engineered to easily fit together without additional welding or custom parts. Just a simple turn of the wrench and you’re done.

Our Gen2 exhausts include even more features that improve sound quality, exhaust flow, and overall reliability.

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